Cleaning House

I spent all day cleaning the house. My wife and my kids are still at her parents home. They’ll be coming home tomorrow, and I wanted to cleanup the house and make room for the kids’ new toys. I actually enjoy throwing stuff away, organizing closets, and putting things where they belong. My wife and I have different strengths. I’m good at creating the “system”. She’s really good at keeping the system “flowing”. So, whenever she’s gone for a few days to visit her folks, I’ll take that time to organize the kitchen or the laundry room, and then she’ll keep things nice and neat once she gets home. I’m detailed oriented, she’s “big-picture”. I’ll spend 30 minutes organizing a sock drawer. She’ll spend 30 minutes cleaning the entire house. We’re good for each other. Without me, every drawer, closet, and shelf would be crammed with junk from one of her “clean sweeps”. Without her, my everyday life would be total and complete chaos, because I’d be overwhelmed with the sheer volume of stuff to take care of everyday. If you are married, and you are flustered because your house is in disarray, maybe the wrong person is in “charge” of keeping things organized. My wife and I used to fuss a bit about whether the house was clean or not. Now, I do my thing, she does her. I organize the the place, and she keeps it in “daily-order”. It works for us.