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NCN, Why Do You Have A Personal Finance Blog? 10 Reasons

Why? Why in the world would a dude just open up (to complete strangers) about his personal finances? What in the word would compel a person to just be… honest? real? open? about what was going on?

1. I genuinely love talking about personal finance, and I wanted an outlet where I could do so.

2. I think that too many Americans are drowning in their debt, and I want to do my (small) part to throw them a life preserver.

3. The major credit providers have multi-million advertising campaigns on their side. I just have my single voice. But, I choose to use it. I choose to scream.

4. I like the “community” of personal finance bloggers and writers.

5. Honestly? It’s fun to write a post and get a comment of two. Ego? Pride? I’m not sure, but there’s nothing quite like “putting something out there” and having others enjoy the “work”.

6. I’m a nerd. I like personal finances. I like computers. Ergo, I have personal finance blog.

7. I think that there is a “niche” of people who think like I do. We choose not to use credit, we choose not to borrow money, we choose to be different. There’s something cool about swimming against the tide.

8. I MIGHT make some real money doing this stuff. Maybe. Hopefully. Probably not. Who knows? It would be really, really cool to make some real money from doing what I like to do. I already have an awesome job, and awesome wife, and 2 awesome kids. It would be great to have a “side-income” from the blogging that was substantial. (For those interested, I made just enough last year to pay for my hosting, domain names, etc. In other words, the blog pays for itself, and little else.)

9. I need to see if I can “do it”. I need to see if I can live the rest of my life without borrowing ANY money. Wouldn’t that be awesome?!? I think so, and I want to do my best to document my journey, so that others can learn from my mistakes and successes.

10. I just really, really, really like the sound of my own voice and the look of my own writing… Just KIDDING……. kinda… sorta… really… just kidding….

By the way, if you check out, you’ll see that there are now well over 700 personal finance bloggers out there, chugging away. I’ve linked to some of them. If you are reading this, and you are a pf blogger, keep at it! If you’d like for me to link to you, send me your site, and I’ll check it out! If you’d like to link to me, please do so. My blog url is