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Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover Live: The Week Before

Wow. Guess who just got a FREE ticket to Dave Ramsey’s upcoming Total Money Makeover Live Event? Yours truly, good old NCN. AND, it’s not just any old ticket. Nope. It’s a VIP ticket. Dave offers three “levels” of seating. (Info comes from DaveRamsey.Com)
Regular Event Seating: 29.00
VIP Seating: 55.00
Platinum VIP: 159.00

The Platinum VIP seating gets you a meal with Dave prior to the event. I’m getting the “regular” VIP ticket, which simply assures that I’ll have a seat reserved until 10 minutes before the event. I’m really, really stoked.

How did I get this free ticket? Well, I was talking to a friend of a friend about Dave Ramsey the other day, and out of the blue, he mentions that he MIGHT have an extra ticket for this weekend’s event in Atlanta. Well, this morning, I get a call, and… sure enough… my man has an extra ticket, and he gives it to me. I tried to pay him for it, but he refused payment. I am super excited. We live about 3 hours from Atlanta, so I’ll probably head out about 7AM, find some decent parking, and settle down for some Dave Ramsey teaching.

This post is the first in my week long series about attending a Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover Live Event. Stay Tuned!!!

BTW, my site is in NO WAY affiliated with Dave Ramsey. Everything I do, he does much, much better, so go check out his way rad site at DaveRamsey.Com.

Oh yeah, here’s the website for the church where the event will be held: First Baptist Church Woodstock.