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Hi. I have noticed that a lot of “new” folks have been stopping by the various No Credit Needed Sites. So, I thought I’d give you a little tour of what I do here in No Credit Needed Land.

In April of 2005, I created this main blog, No Credit Needed, so that I could track my debt reduction progress. (In Feb 2006, I achieved my goal of debt freedom, and I have been working on saving money since then!). You can subscribe to No Credit Needed via this rss feed:

In January 2006, I started my second site, No Credit Needed Podcast, so that I could get on the mic and talk about debt reduction. The NCN Podcast was recently featured on the Business News Start Page on iTunes. You can subscribe to the No Credit Needed Podcast via this rss feed:

In February 2006, I created my thirds site, No Credit Needed Network, so that like-minded bloggers could gather together and post debt-reduction and savings-related charts. You can subscribe to the NCN Network via this rss feed:

Finally, in September 2006, I created my fourth site, No Calories Needed, to track my weight loss. After a month or so away, the site is back, with brand new updates. You can subscribe to No Calories Needed via this rss feed: want to thank you for stopping by “No Credit Needed Land”. I hope you like what you see. I encourage you to leave comments, subscribe to the podcast, and think about joining the network.