Money Management

The Joy Of Boredom

Now that I have my emergency fund saved and I am out of debt, my personal finance life has become very, very boring. And I LOVE it. Here’s my monthly financial “to do” list for November:

November 1: Deposit Paycheck 1

November 2: Pay phone, electric, cell phone, dish network, and auto insurance. Bills for the month taken care of. Total (estimated) time to pay bills via online bill pay? 2 minutes? 3 minutes? Something like that. Total (estimated) amount to pay? 400 – 600 dollars…

November 2: My wife and I then take our cash for monthly expenses like food, gas, groceries and other “needs and wants”. Total (estimated) amount? 500 or so apiece

November 8: Deposit Paycheck 2

November 9: Transfer most of paycheck to ING Direct Savings account. Amount? Varies, between 1000 and 1500, depending on anticipated miscellaneous expenses.

November 30: Pay daycare, daughter’s gymnastics, tithe.

That’s it. Simple, easy, boring.

I LOVE IT! Being debt free rules! Having an emergency fund rules! You should give both a try…