Why Personal Finance Bloggers Rule!

Personal Finance Bloggers rule, and I’m going to tell you why. PF Bloggers are actually using the information that they are writing about to change their lives. Most PF Bloggers are not rich dudes sitting in pretty offices, writing about how they MADE their millions. NOPE. Most PF Bloggers are average folk, sitting in their average homes, writing about how they are MAKING their millions. While I enjoy reading Kiplinger’s or Money, I just don’t identify readily with “financial-guy-speak”. I like to talk about what is real, what is going on TODAY, and what is affecting the average Joe (or Jane). PF Bloggers rule because they take you INSIDE the real-world of real people, dealing with REAL financial issues. I grow quickly bored with the endless prattle about rich boys with their rich toys. I want to read about saving money when buying groceries, putting your child through school without going broke, and learning to live on a realistic budget. You can have your Wall Street Journal. Give me