Savings Rate Poll Update…

I thought it would be interesting to revisit a couple of the polls that I have hosted here at the NCN Blog, and to examine their results.

Poll 1: Savings Rate Poll
Basic Info:
If you could “lock-in” a savings rate for your retirement investing, what rate would it take for you to get out of the stock market and simply have all of your money in cash? Click here to read the original poll post: Savings Rate Poll. After you vote, you can click to see the poll results.

Results Review: 59 people have voted so far, and 17 percent would get totally out of the stock market, if they could achieve a solid 8 percent return on their cash. At 10 percent return, 34 percent of voters would ditch their stocks for cash. I think you will find this poll to be very, very interesting.

Personally, I think that I would “settle” for a locked-in, minimal-risk 9 percent return.