Money Management

Wachovia Customer Service (Good Job!)

NCN made a boo-boo. I have 2 free checking accounts with Wachovia. I made a deposit into our primary checking account Monday morning. Or, at least I THOUGHT I made a deposit into our primary checking account. In fact, I made a deposit into our SECONDARY checking account. This error lead to a 50 insufficient charges fee. YIKES! So, I called our local branch, and they were super-cool about everything. They reversed the charges and corrected the deposit. I like my Wachovia free checking. Now, if they only offered a decent savings rate!!!

Lessons learned:

Check, and re-check your deposit slips.

If YOU make a mistake, own up to it, take your medicine, and don’t blame someone else.

Do not assume that people are going to say “no”. Sometimes, they say “yes”.

Special note to self: NCN, you might “know” a little bit (or a lot) about handling money, but you can still be an idiot. Do not get smug and over-confident. Dork!