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Carnival Of Personal Finance #65

Welcome to the 65th Edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance. For more general information about the carnival, please click here.

A big thanks to all of those who submitted. Now, on to the posts!


Taking Control Over Money: Why You Need A Budget

It’s Just Money: Wedding Money Madness

Matt’s Money Blog: Financial Habits

Getting Finances Done: Irregular Income

We’re In Debt: Sticking To It

Money, Matter, and More Musings: Yodlee

Personal High Finance: Below Your Means

Debt and Credit:

Debt Free 4 Ever: Credit A Friend? No WAY!

Stop Buying Crap: FICO Score


Arthaey: Net Worth Calculations

Bryan C. Fleming: Cash Is King

Get Rich Slowly: Emergency Fund


InsureBlog: Health Insurance?

Retirement and Investing:

1st Million At 33: Investing Advice

My Money Path: Are You Leaving Benefits On The Table?

The Dividend Guy: Investing Comfort

The Finance Journey: Retirement Planning

Hill’s Personal Finance: Estate Planning

Be Reasonable: Choices

The Frugal Duchess: Hollywood Lessons

FireFinance: Plan Long-Term


Young and Broke: Personal Finance Book Reviews

Unleash Your Potential: Motivation

Ask Uncle Bill: MBA?

QueerCents: 10 Questions

Frugal Living:

Blogging Away Debt: Free Stuff On The Road-Side

Free Money Finance: BE NICE!

The Road 2 Riches: Money = Happiness?

Help With Everything: Frugal Tips

Then Things: Big Expense?

Scott On Money: Happy Hour Eating

The MotherLoad: Find Cheaper Gas

2 Million: Vacation Expenses

Real Estate:

PaceSetter Mortgage Blog: Home Pricing

SearchLight Crusade: Real Estate Knowledge

Single Ma’s Fabulous Financials: Good Faith Estimates

Family Finance:

Free The Drones: Kids and Money


Tick Marks: eBay Tips


My Financial Awareness: Fear?


Five Cent Nickel: Self Employed Tax Information


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