Two months to reach goal…

I am really, really going to have to buckle down for the months of September and October. I have a savings goal of 20,000 dollars by October 10. The trouble is, I have only reached 13,000 (I had to use over 2000 dollars from our emergency fund last month, and have spent this month re-building to my 13,000 total). So, I have to find SEVEN THOUSAND dollars in 2 months. Man, I stink at setting goal dates. The last time I set a goal, when getting out of debt, I missed it by THREE MONTHS! Our income for that period will hover around 10,000 dollars, and we SHOULD be able to live on 3000 dollars.

By the way, if you’d like to monitor my progress (and the progress of other folks who are working towards their goals) check out the No Credit Needed Network. Also, if you are looking to open an savings account, I have had 3 brand new ING Direct Referrals.