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Carnival of Debt Reduction (Special Audio Edition)

Welcome to the 48th Carnival of Debt Reduction. I want to thank all of you who submitted articles. First, I will list the articles submitted. Then, at the bottom of this post, there will be a link to a very special AUDIO version of the Carnival of Debt Reduction, hosted over at my podcast site, The No Credit Needed Podcast. (Simply click on the link to head over the The No Credit Needed Podcast site. The audio file will be in mp3 format, and you can simply stream it to your computer, download it for later use, or subscribe to the podcast feed via your favorite podcatching client.)

Free The Drones Personal Finance Blog with an article about creating a NEW credit profile. Is this legal? Can you do this? Read the article to find out.

The Good Human with an article about different types of debt. How much money do we borrow? How do we borrow it? What can we do about all this debt? Check out this article for tons of great information.

Free Money Finance with an article on college students and credit cards. YIKES! Great, great, great article. A must read!

Blogging Away Debt with an article about decreasing credit card interest rates. This is a super article, and it actually deals with the topic at hand: DEBT REDUCTION! YES!

Dave and Katy with an article about relationships, money, and getting debt free. I love articles like this. Personal finance is PERSONAL. Great job! (URL Broken)

Bouncing Back with an article about moving into a smaller home. I was on the “fence” about including this article, but after reading it, I think that the main idea of the post really does have something to say about debt reduction. A house that costs less will free up extra money for debt reduction. Very thought-provoking article. Nice.

Taking Control Over Money with an article about tricks for eliminating debt. The article title is a “bit” misleading. In actuality, these are not “tricks”… They’re great, great “techniques”. Awesome job.

My Financial Awareness with an article about blame. Whew! Deep…

Special Audio Version:
Thanks for checking out the 48th Carnival of Debt Reduction. Now, for a special treat, click on the link below to head over to the No Credit Needed Podcast for a Special Audio Version of the Carnival of Debt Reduction. I think you’ll like what you hear!

Special Audio Version of the Carnival of Debt Reduction at the No Credit Needed Podcast.

Thanks for checking out the Carnival of Debt Reduction.