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10 Healthy Steps I Am Going To Take

Here are 10 Healthy Steps I am Going to take over the next 10 weeks.

Week: Healthy Step

1. No Caffeine
2. No More Potato Chips
3. No Adding Salt To My Food
4. 8-10 Glasses of Water a day
5. No Eating After 8PM
6. Eat Fruit / Vegetables With Every Meal
7. No More Diet Sodas
8. No More Starchy Foods
9. No More Cookies / Crackers
10. Decide Vitamins I Need / Take Them

I will add one of these things, per week, until I am eating better than I am today. Trust me, I eat like an idiot, and if I follow through with just one of these steps, my life will be better. If I do all TEN…MIRACLES, baby, MIRACLES! I am so unhealthy, I feel so bad, and I want to feel better. So, I’ll do these 10 things, 1 a week, and see how I feel. Hopefully, I’ll lose a few pounds, get better sleep, and enjoy things more.