A Short… Something…

Clearly, our lives are changing. Information moves about us, unseen, like the force behind the wind, invading our homes, our lives, our ear drums, our beings. The universe, vast as it is, seems smaller, perceivable, knowable, understandable. One click away and a man can find an answer, a cure, a miracle, an horror, a lie, a mystery, or, just another click. This is the strangeness in which we live, and breath, and find our way. There are not fewer questions, but there are more answers. Cut, Paste, Google It. My Space, Itunes, Web 2.0, Wiki, CSS, Blog, Vlog, Page Rank, MMORPG… This is more than the information super-highway. This is the information town, city, byway, railroad, passenger plain, turbo-jet, airport, causeway, bus-terminal, and sea port… all rolled into one… Information grid-lock, overload, and ecstasy.

If you want to know “it”; You can! And, you can know everyone and everything and everywhere that “it” knows. You can save it, download it, bookmark it, Digg it, blogroll it, blog it, podcast it, forward it, or simply… ignore it. One search, one yahoo, one google… and there it is in all its… glory? horror? sadness? simple-ness? goodness? beauty? helpfulness? frustration? And then, one more click, and it’s gone? still there? forgotten? lost? remembered? used?
So much information, so very little time!!! So much time, so very little information!!!

Read it, study it, make notes about it, categorize it, think about it, ignore it, fret about it, get over it… and then… what? Moving around in the vastness of this information, do we get lost? do we get better? do we gain knowledge? do we grow weaker? do we get stronger? do we get more frustrated? less?

What do we do with all of this information!?!?! It is so… gloriously horrible… What do we do with it… what do we do… what do we do? WHAT do we do? What do WE do? What do we DO?

Were we designed to have so “much”? Is this the height of our evolution as a species, or have we devolved from a… simpler.. harder.. more difficult.. more real.. time? Is this progress or regression?

Are we better off or more burdened. Is this plethora of information a blessing or a curse?

Simple question: What do you do with all of this information?
Difficult question: What do you do with all of this information?

Information, without application, is merely knowledge. Information, coupled with application, is wisdom.