I Am The King

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I have opened a trading account at TradeKing.Com.
My first trade went well (I made $2.04!) I rock.

Here’s the deal:

Bought 400 shares of RAD (Rite-Aid) @ 4.40 = 1760.00
Sold 400 shares of RAD (Rite-Aid) @ 4.43 = 1772.00
Paid Commissions of 4.95 X 2 = 9.90
SEC Fee of .06

1772.00 – .06 – 9.90 – 1760.00 = 2.04 PROFIT

I know, I know. $2.04. Big deal. But, to me it is. This was my first foray into the world of buying and selling stocks on my “own”. I enjoyed it and I made a bit of money. (Think of it this way… at 5 percent interest, it takes about 8 DAYS for 1800 dollars to make 2.00 in interest. I made 2.00 in less than 1 HOUR!) Pretty cool.

Xanax, I needs me some Xanax.

(I’ll post more later, if I decide to buy/sell some more today. This is fun.)

By the way: To all who feel the need to warn me about the dangers of day trading and buying and selling… Please just don’t bother. I am responsible with my money, and I am making a CHOICE to risk every dollar of my 1800. I am trying to learn something here. Hands on baby, hands on!