Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your responsibilities? Right now I am slammed with work to do, blog to update, podcast to record, network to administer, job to do, kids to take care of, friends to call, and, to top it off, my wife has strep-throat! Whew…

I have found that whenever I get “loaded down” with stuff to do, I tend to relax my attitude towards diet and budgeting. Why? Because, when stress hits, the easy thing to do is just to take the simple road. Fast food? Sure, it’s convenient. Swipe that credit card? Yep, simple dimple. Balance the checkbook? No Time! Go by the budget and use envelopes? Too complex, I’ll worry about it later.


Real victory comes when realize that sticking to a budget and staying on our diet actually ADDS to our peace-of-mind and helps us DEAL with the stresses of life. A little effort on the front side eases the struggles you face on the back side. You need a plan, and you need to stick to it. Do not make food and money decisions with your emotions. Use your plan, your brain, and your common sense.