Off Topic

Facing Reality

I’m back after a week of relaxation. And, I have a confession to make. I really, really, really, really enjoyed DOING NOTHING! Can you believe it. I loved being a “bum” for a week. It was great!

Now, back to the “real” world.

I struggle with organizing my life, my work, my bills, and my finances… I procrastinate, I cram, I wait until the last minute… Frankly, even though I have managed to create a relatively successful life for myself, I always feel rushed and anxious, as if I have left something undone or half-done. So, I have decided to face this reality, and (here’s a shocker) DO SOMETHING about it. I have spent the better part of the last 2 days getting my stuff organized, clearing of my desk, purchasing some organizations tools, and reading books about organization. I want to go from scatter-brained to well-organized. I’ll track my progress here.

As for my personal finance situation, I am doing a good job of staying on budget, we are using only cash this month, we are using WAY more electricity than I wanted to, and the eBay items did not sell (I’ll re-list them in a few days). I’ll have much more tomorrow, and I’ll post a new podcast as well. I had a great time goofing off, but it’s good to be back. Late, NCN.