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Carnival Of Debt Reduction

Welcome to the Carnival of Debt Reduction. On to the posts!

Multiple Mentality: Wow, a single post about the dual horror of financial collapse AND terrorism. What would happen if we all paid off our credit card debts? And what if we paid them off with big chunks of money? Read and find out! (URL Broken)

Getting Out Of Debt: Ah, a post after my own heart. Getting Out of Debt talks about what to do BEFORE you try to get out of debt. Guess what…? You need to have a plan, a program, dare I say it…a budget. Gasp! Great Post.

Frugal Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Warehouse: Why do we borrow at wholesale, only to buy at retail. The post mentions Flip This House, HUD, AND Sock-Drawers. How could you go wrong?

Defying Debt…in 2 Years: What are you going to do to recover from your financial mistakes? This post will tell you. Defying Debt should know. Over 25K in debt GONE in less than 2 years. Click and learn.

Our Money Matters: If you want a “personal” finance post, this is for you. Can our parents shape the way we handle our finances? You bet. (While not technically a debt reduction post, it does speak to our basic money-handling motivations. Thought-provoking to say the least.)  (URL Broken)

Debt Hater: Come on, you know you wish you had thought of that name for your blog! A post about women, money, debt reduction, and eating disorders. Seriously, this one has it all.

Don’t Mess With Taxes: Wow! What an awesome blog name! As for the post… Guess who’s outsourcing their debt collection business. Hmmm? Read on.

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise: Need a breather? Tired of the constant battle against debt? Read this simple, elegant post about understanding the importance of relaxing, just a bit, while still moving forward.

Free Money Finance: One of the “big-boys” steps up with a post about financing your home. FMF talks about who is responsible for how much you can (and SHOULD) borrow. You or the bank? Check it out.

Hello, My Name Is…: Debt reduction? This post is EXACTLY what this Carnival is supposed to be about: GETTING OUT OF DEBT. Read it!

Young and Broke: You can’t get out of debt if you don’t have a plan. Check out this post about staying on plan and being mindful of the little things. Good stuff.

Aridni: Asks if you can make it on 100k a year. My answer? YES!

Money and Investing: struggling to find some extra cash for debt reduction? Well, you might be able to eat-your-way to debt reduction! What? Check out this post and see.

Searchlight Crusade:
Looking for ways to improve your credit. Check here.

Firevalt: Are you intelligent? Are you wise? Is there a difference? Read this to find out.

Mighty Bargain Hunter: Finally, a real debt-reduction post! Advice on reducing your debt. Simple, effective, a must read.

Journey To Financial Freedom: What’s your debt load? Is it too much? Find out here!

Blueprint For Financial Prosperity: You know you get them. Unsolicited credit card offers. Want to STOP getting them? Check this article out. Great find!

Thanks for visiting the Carnival of Debt Reduction. I hope you enjoy the articles. Here is my very own contribution…

NCN Network. I created the NCN Network to promote debt reduction and savings. I hope you will check out the page and watch our progress as we get out of money and add to our savings.

Edit: Here is an additional post that I did not receive until Monday:

The Common Room: Digging out of Debt. Go get your shovels!

Last Note:
This message is for those who contributed to this Carnival. I want to thank you for your contributions, but I also want to encourage each of you to remember that this is the CARNIVAL OF DEBT REDUCTION. Articles submitted should be about DEBT REDUCTION. This Carnival is NOT for general personal finance issues. There is a Carnival for those posts, but this is not it. I strongly suggest to those of you who host the Carnival and to those who post to the Carnival, that we all stick to the assigned format: DEBT REDUCTION. Just my 2 cents.

I posted these in the order that I received them. If I have left your article out, please email me and I will try to include it. One submission was left out on purpose because it was clearly a solicitation for a particular business. You know who you are…