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I try to refrain from talking about the blog itself, but I need to let you know about a few things going on here in No Credit Needed Land.

First, Episode 9 has been posted over at the No Credit Needed Podcast site. I think you will enjoy it. So far, it’s my favorite.

Second, I will be hosting the Carnival of Debt Reduction this coming Monday. Please, get your submissions in today. See this post for more information.

Third, The No Credit Needed Network is up to 11 members in less than 2 weeks. I am very, very proud of the progress we are all making. If you want to see something cool, click the network link and check out Debt Hater’s progress. Boom!

Fourth, I’d like to know if you all like when I do posts like this, to keep you informed of all the things going on, or should I just stick to the blogging here and let the other parts of No Credit Needed Land just stand on their own? Thanks for any and all input.

Fifth, I’ll have an update on the “cash-only experiment” later today. Plus, a special post on dry cleaning! Can you feel the excitement!