Piggy Bank Wow

I have two kids, ages 6 and 2, respectively. My kids have piggy banks in their rooms where we (they) put their birthday/Christmas money. Well, I wanted to put this money to work, so I took it out of the piggy banks. WOW: Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars! My kids have more cash money NOW, at ages 6 and 2, than I did 2 years ago as a 29 year old man. This money will go into our general savings, and we will use it for their yearly portraits. (Quick note: This is a tradition in our family. We have portraits of our kids made each year, so the money that was in their banks was given to them by family members, who knew that this was what we were going to do the money. I’m not “stealing” from my kids…!) I just never realized how much was in there. Cool.