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Do You KNOW Who I AM? Well, Do Ya, PUNK?1?

Quick update. They have found out what is wrong with my mother-in-laws heart, and they are going to be able to treat it with medicines. I am very thankful, and I thank each of you who chose to pray for her and for us.

Lots and lots going on around here in No Credit Needed Land. I have decided on my first MAJOR goal since becoming debt free, and that is to save 12000 dollars in a personal emergence fund. Right NOW I use ING, because of the simplicity, but the higher rates availiabe at HSBC, Emigrant, and others may entice me to move my money around some. I have created a chart to record my progress.

Also, the brand new No Credit Needed Network is up and running. Will you be the first to create a goal? Will you be the first to send it to me? Will you be the first to achieve it? Check out No Credit Needed Network to find out more details.

I should have another podcast out by Thursday of this week. Pretty big surprise to go along with this week’s show. I’ll have more to blog about Wednesday, if all goes well.

I have also decided on the following goals for this coming year. I will post details for my strategies, as they come up.
1. 8000 dollars to Roth Ira’s for my wife and for me.
2. 4000 dollars to ESA’s for son and daughter.
So, adding my two “savings” goals together, I am hoping to save close to 24000 dollars this year, in various locations. 12K in INGDirect, 8000 in Fidelity Roth IRA’s, and 4000 in TDWaterhouse ESA’s. This is in addition to my 403b retirement account contributions (150 dollars a month) and my wife’s mandatory 5 percent contribution to teachers’ retirement. So, a very sizable amount of our income will go “straight” into savings. I will have a MUCH better budget draw up when we receive our March pay-checks. Much of January and February went to debt re-payment.

Lastly, I want to spend more time on this blog highlight other pf bloggers, and supporting the “group”. In this vein, I’d like to take this time to highlight one of my personal favorites:
Bank Deals. This site is very, very organized, simple to use, and updated regularly. Thanks Bank Deals! You make finding a great banking deal easy!