List This

Do you have 30 minutes? Then you have time to complete at least ONE task that you have been putting off. In fact, if you really focus your energy, you might be able to take care of SEVERAL little tasks in a very short amount of time. Here are some things you can do, rather quickly, when you have a few extra minutes:

Scrounge for change. Check the cushions, golf bag, glove box, old purse, etc. You will be surprised by just how much lose change you have just lying around. Need to make a minimum credit card payment? I’ll bet you have enough money in your kitchen junk drawer!

Clean out your sock and/or underwear drawer. WHY? Because, a nice organized drawer leads to you getting dressed quicker in the morning, which means you get to work ON TIME, which means more money! Seriously, in five minutes you can empty your socks and underwear, throw away the things you don’t need, and fold and put them back.

Clean the fridge. Throw away out-of-date dairy products and old fruits and veggies. Get rid of freezer-burned meats, etc. Take a damp sponge and wipe away fingerprints and any spills. If you go really fast, and don’t try to make everything “perfect” you can get through with this easy, time-saving project in less than 10 minutes.

Take out the garbage. Hit the bathrooms, kids rooms, laundry room and kitchen, bag up the trash, put in new liners, separate the recyclable. 5 minutes and you are DONE!

Read one non-fiction magazine article. I keep old Readers’ Digests’ around, and you can read one of their stories in 5 minutes or LESS.

Pray… (You might find that you will spend longer than 5 minutes… And that’s good!)

Gather up your dry cleaning, put into a bag, and stick it in your trunk. The next time you drive by the laundry, drop it off.

Go to your online bill pay. Make an extra 5 dollar payment towards you lowest debt balance. Go…Go…Go… (It’s FIVE BUCKS…) This literally takes about 1 minute, but it is 5 more dollars gone from your debt balance. This is totally worth it.

Organize your tools. We have “inside” tools like screw drivers and hammers, that seem to get misplaced a lot. Take the time to find them, and organize them in a drawer or tool chest. The next time you need them… Boom… You know right where they are.

Have TIVO? Take 5 minutes to set it to record your “shows” for the week.

Vacuum out your car. (Want to be EXTRA nice…? Vacuum out your SPOUSES car..)

Take a hot bath. (We all need a break from time to time, so go take one.)

Clean out your junk drawer. Come on, we all have one (or two or three). My technique? Take everything and dump it into a big plastic tub, then pull each item out, see if I need it. Keep what I need, trash everything else.

Vacuum, mop, and dust… If you have 10 minutes, you can do a “rough” job of cleaning almost anything. I like to plug the vacuum in to an extension cord, and vacuum the whole house, once daily. I also love those “swiffer” type mops, for quick and easy floor cleaning.

Trim you fingernails.

Eat an apple. Or two.

And, if you want to have the greatest 30 minutes of your life… listen to my new podcast!