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Snackoff Baby

Lots of things to talk about today:

First, I have received much positive feedback from the new podcast. You can find out more information about said podcast at No Credit Needed Podcast. I hope that you enjoy what you hear. I certainly enjoyed recording the podcast, but finding a way to host it for free and publish it for free was a bit arduous. I did not want ads at the beginning or end of the cast, so I had to check around a bit. Anyway, I hope you will check it out.

Second, I am just about ready to pull the trigger on my very last credit card payment EVER. I am stoked, and waiting for that end of the month paycheck is KILLING ME. I zipped through the other payments so fast, that waiting for this one is like watching grass grow. Very, very, very slow.

Third, I hope that you will check out the links on the right hand side of this site. There are tons and tons of pf blogs out there, and I think you would enjoy looking through them. There are too many to recommend just one, so check them all out.

Fourth, I have just completed my taxes. I am using TaxEngine.Com, where I can do my taxes, State and Federal, for FREE. Yes, you heard that right. Why? Well, we make less than 50k combined AGI, so we qualified. For a list of free or low cost filing services check out this page at IRS.GOV.

Fifth, WEIGHT LOSS UPDATE: I am down another 2.4 Pounds for a total of 18.2 pounds lost. Check out the old weight loss chart on the right to see my progress. I am shooting for 56 pounds by end of winter.

Sixth, I have my savings goals for the next 11 months. Here they are, in order of importance (to me!)

  1. 4000 dollars For Emergency fund
  2. 8000 dollars For 2 Roths (1 for me, 1 for wife)
  3. 6000 dollars For 2 ESA (1 for son, 1 for daughter)
  4. 4000 dollars additional emergency fund, future auto-purchase fund

So, as you can see, tons and tons for me to work on. New charts to make and post! BTW, I hope you all like the charts I post. They certainly serve as motivation for me.

Seventh, I am going to take up running as a hobby, sport. I think I actually want to run in a real “race” like a 5k or 10k or something. I have never been a runner, but since being on this diet, I have enjoyed walking and running on the treadmill, and I think I will schedule a race as added incentive to continue training. We shall see.

Eighth, I need to upgrade my podcasting equipment. Seriously, I am using free software and a 1.00 microphone that I purchased with my first computer, 8 years ago. I will not go overboard, but I would like a decent mic. I quite like the software I am using. (Audacity).

Ninth, I am VERY interested in learning more and more about investing. Man, there is just so much information out there. Mutual funds, index funds, etf’s, options, stocks, bonds… I think that the best plan for me is to pick 3 or 4 “seasoned” mutual funds, and contribute to them regularly.

Tenth, I plan to enjoy this year. My favorite episode of Seinfeld is when George gets an unexpected pay-day and gets to enjoy the “Summer of George”. Of course, he ends up doing nothing, and hilarity ensues. I think that I will consider this the “Year of NCN”, where I learn if living without debt is actually possible, and I figure out just how I am going to live the rest of my financial life. I am glad you are along for the ride… DORK!

Eleventh, why: TURN IT UP TO ELEVEN, of course.

Edit: Hey check out this really cool site that was just sent to me. PFBLOGS.ORG. The site’s creator aggregates the headlines from several personal finance blogs. Really, really cool. So check it out.