More Grocery Stuff

Wow, lot’s of emails and comments about the grocery stuff! You guys must love to eat! Hehe…

Anyway, a couple of points. I don’t really know how much money I save, but it is considerable. First, we hardly ever eat out anymore, and then only on special occasions. Second, we have a very limited brand loyalty. We buy the Kroger brand of almost everything, save soups, spaghetti sauces, and a few other things. Heck, I even like their razors, better than Bic or Gillette. As for storing the stuff, very few items take up a ton of space. Paper goods, like toilet paper and paper towels, require plenty of room, as do cereals and crackers, etc. But a decent supply of can goods, say 25 to 50 cans of green beans, will fit into most cabinets. Also, think outside the box for storage. You can place non-perishables under a bed, or in a hall closet, and then get them when you need them.
Now, there are some items that I always purchase fresh, even though you could freeze them and use them later. These include bread and milk. I just do not like the taste of thawed bread or milk. Yuck!
I’ll post my first shopping results in a bit, so ya’ll come back now, ya here?!?…