Happy New Year!

I hope all of you had a great Christmas, and that you are preparing yourself for a great new year. Remember, you must prepare for the victories in your life!

So far, I have not received any paychecks for the new year, so any further debt reduction will have to wait for a little bitty while. I am so excited to know that by the end of January, I will be debt free.

Check out the update on my weight loss. My initial goal is to lose 56 pounds, and so far I have lost 10. I am excited about this number. I joined Weight Watchers, and I have yet to feel hungry or tired. I think that the first 20 or 30 pounds will come off rather easily, now that I am not eating fried junk for every meal. We shall see.

As for my mom’s party, thanks for all of the positive response. It was a SMASHING success. I was able to get everyone of her 5 bros and sisters to come, plus most of my dad’s family, and many of my mom’s dearest friends. She had no idea, and was totally shocked. I mean, totally! We have her reaction on video, and it is price-less. Money well spent!