Grocery King

I found some really, really good deals at Kroger today. I stocked up on some items the kids like, and I was able to save some pretty good cash. Here are a few of the bargains I found. If you have a Kroger near you, go and stock up.
Tonys Pizzas 8 for 8.20. You buy 8 pizzas, you get 5.00 off at register.
Kroger crackers (Like Ritz or Town House) 1 Pound Boxes 1.00 dollar each.
Fresh Boneless Chicken 1.99 Per Pound
Kroger Potato Chips 1.00 Per Bag (This is a really good price, and these are good chips)

Anyway, it was a good day shopping. I had some coupons, and with all of my savings, I was able to get about 130 dollars worth of groceries for about 60 bucks. I have learned to “stock-pile” bargains, so our grocery bills are MUCH lower than they used to be. As for eating out… we used to eat out AT LEAST 1 meal a day, sometimes 2. Now, we eat out MAYBE twice a week, and then it’s usually Wendy’s or Subway. I have found that I actually enjoy cooking, and the time we save not driving to go out and eat, we can spend with the kids.

I am thinking about making a BIG lump sum debt re-payment in the next couple of days, but I am waiting. We are having a party for my mom’s b-day after Christmas, and I want to be sure that I have enough cash on hand to pay for the caterer. This will be her 50th b-day, so we (my sis and I) are going “all out”. I handle the food, she’s getting the gift. This will be expensive, but WELL worth it. My mom is going to FLIP. It is going to be awesome.

As for Christmas, we have just about wrapped up (ba,doomp,doomp) our shopping. Out little girl has put in for a trampoline… I have heard that certain home-owner’s insurance policies are voided if you purchase a trampoline. (This may or may not be true. I don’t know.) Plus, our local doctor says that the week after Christmas is the busiest time of the year for broken bones, due to new trampoline purchases. Guess we’ll just have to buy her those rocket-powered skates instead… wow, I am on a roll…

Well, if you are still reading, this post has been about as informative as the label on a shampoo bottle. So, print this page, take it to your restroom, and you will have something NEW to read the next time you go potty. Come ON now, you KNOW you read the shampoo label… we all do… right… I mean… you know… Because we’re bored… and all… so…

God, the fever is getting to me.

Before you go…do this. Open a new browser page to your online bank, and schedule a five dollar payment towards your lowest debt balance. Do it now. Now, doesn’t that feel goooood. See, it’s that simple. A few extra dollars a day, every day, and you too can be on the road to debt freedom.

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