Debt Story


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Well, I am nuts. I sit around, and think about how tight our budget already is, and then I think, what can I do to get just a little more wiggle room. So, I ebayed some baby clothes and some old electronics, and pushed around some numbers, and came up with 590 more dollars for debt re-payment. My wife will get paid Tuesday for November, so I set the bill-pay to go out Wednesday. This leaves us with an even TWO THOUSAND dollars left to pay. Just think, from April until now, that is 9510.22 GONE. In that same time, our take-home pay was about 28,000 dollars. So, we have paid over 82 Percent of our Debt, and it has taken roughly one-third of our take-home pay to do it. Some would call it sacrifice. Others would call it insanity. I just call it FREEEEEEEEEEE-DOMMMM!!!!

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