Saved Some Cash

Hi all…
Not much going on with the old debt re-payment. I should send a few more bucks to the last credit card come Monday Morning. I will update then.

As far as saving some money, I did 2 things that I should have done a while ago. Both prove that financial stagnation can sit in, even for those who are focused on their finances.

First, I cancelled “local” channels for my dish network service. I already have locals out of Atlanta, and these were redundant. This saves me about 6 bucks per month. Yay. That is a savings of 72 dollars per year. Second, I cancelled a calling card feature associated with our local phone service. This saved 1.00 per month, or 12 dollars a year. All total, I “made” 84 dollars by making two 3 minute long phone calls.

I think that the above will remind us all that the little things DO add up.