Debt Story


Well, I just feel “stuck.” I know that I will be able to pay-off my complete debts by the end of this year, but I just do not see how I am going to make my 10/10/2005 deadline. We just do not make enough income. Seriously, my wife has one more check of roughly 2200 bucks at the end of September, and I will have 6 checks for a total of about 3300 bucks. That is a total of just 5500 dollars income between now and then. Our remaining debt is 5,478.66. So, that would leave us less than FIFTY dollars to live on. Hmmm…what to do, what to do. We can search and find some more stuff to sell, but only about 500 dollars worth. The good news is , all of our major bills are paid through the end of September, and many will not be due until the 15th of October. I am glad that I do not owe any other debts, and I know that I will be paid off in December, but I really wanted to make this October dead-line. Any suggestions? I’m “stuck”.

Oh yeah, I use lots of “-” in the middle of compound words. Why? I don’t know. I also use “…”, too.

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