Random Thoughts

What to do, what to do…

Well, first the sappy personal stuff. My little girl, age 5, just started school today. She is in kindergarten. She is very, very excited. Not to brag (he says, just prior to bragging) but this kid is ON THE BALL. She knows her stuff. It’s like she was born “well-adjusted” to life. I know she is mine, but she is just the most easy going, fun-to-be-around child in the world. Anywho… ON to the financial stuff.

What to do when there is no financial activity for THREE straight days? HMMM… I have auctions ending soon, but the past 2 days and today, there has been nothing for me to do. Bills paid and organized, debt-payment plan in order, have a meeting this Saturday with investment advisor (from Dave’s ELP list, no less). It is so weird, when focusing so hard on every, single, financial decision, to have a 2 or 3 day period where no money is coming in and no money is going out. I haven’t even written a check or used a debit card. Is this how it will feel to be totally debt free and have my auto savings plan in place? Will I just grow money without “touching” it every day. Right now, or at least until this week, I have been a very “active” participant in my “debt-free” journey. I wonder what it will feel like when I wake up, and I owe NO ONE. I guess it will feel awesome, or, it might just feel, well, the same as I feel now? I mean, with my plan coming together, it’s almost like I “feel” debt free already. Even if a few things go south for a few weeks, I still know that I will be debt free, sooner rather than later. This “knowledge” has already “freed” me. Cool.

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