Pay Off Debt? Or Invest?

I am a relatively young guy, early 30’s. I know that in order to have a good nest egg, I need to invest now. But, I am using all of my extra monies to pay-off my debts. Is this wise? I think so. I think that if I can be out of debt in less than a year, then I will have plenty of time to invest my money in the market, and plan for my future. I notice that there is a popular move afoot, to borrow against zero percent credit cards, and then invest that money in cd’s, savings accounts, or even the stock market. To me, this is ludicrous. I would never, never, never, never borrow to invest. While the risks may seem low, the temptation to remove the initial monies from the investment and use it for other things is to high. You say, “I would never touch that money.” Oh yeah? And the alcoholic says, “I would never, ever touch that sentimental bottle of wine we keep in the cellar.” Seriously, most of us are in debt because we have an addiction to spending. Having zero percent money lying around is a recipe for financial disaster. THINK. Is 3, 4, 6, or even 12 percent growth really worth the added “weight” of borrowing money? I think not. Your comments are greatly appreciated.