Getting Real With Myself About My Car

Confession time.  I’ve been thinking about buying a new-to-us car.  And by thinking, I mean obsessing. A little back story – My wife and I own three paid for automobiles – a minivan we paid cash for in 2007, an 2001 Accord we paid off in 2005, and an old pickup truck that I use for hauling off trash.  When we purchased the minivan back in 2007, we did so because our previous minivan was dying, and I didn’t want my wife to drive around in an unsafe automobile.  I felt, and feel, that buying the newer minivan was a good idea. Back in November, I hit a deer with my car.  The insurance adjuster visited, and I now have…

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No More Car Payments

It’s time to celebrate!  PT from Prime Time Money paid off his car loan! Now, PT wants to know – What To Do When You Pay Off The Car? Let me agree with PT when he writes: Take Time to Celebrate – First, give yourself a good pat on the back for knocking out this debt. Consider a celebratory car wash and a photo op next to your car with the title in your hand. Awesome!  PT is right!  Paying off your automobile loan – and actually owning you car – feels awesome.  (You can click here to read about the day we paid off our automobile loan – and how, just two-and-a-half years later, we purchased a new-to-us minivan,…

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The Insurance Adjuster Has Given Me An Estimate

A few days ago, I called my automobile insurance company and informed them that a deer had hit my car.  The insurance adjuster just left, and he gave me an estimate of $2500 to fix the damage done to my car. Now I have a decision (or two) to make.  Just a few days before the collision with Mr. Deer, my wife and I talked about selling my car (and my old pickup truck) and buying a newer truck.  I’d love to have a truck that was big enough to carry our whole family.  There are five us, and we can’t fit in my standard-cab F-150. Out of pocket, I’m looking at a $1000 deductible to fix the car.  I…

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