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Do Not Wait Until January 1st To Make Your Financial Resolutions

As I mentioned in a related post, over at No. Calories Needed, about weight loss and resolutions, Thanksgiving will be here in 21 days – and Christmas is just 49 days away.  2008 has just flown by, and 2009 will … Continue reading

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How I Live Without Borrowing Money

As the credit crunch continues, more and more people are learning to adjust to life without credit.  It’s been four years since I borrowed money or used a credit card.  Here’s how I live without borrowing money. Budget – I … Continue reading

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Breaking The Addiction To Credit

Are you ready to get out of debt? Great! But, are you still using your credit cards, even while trying to pay them off? Boo! Here are some thoughts about breaking an addiction to credit – Give Cash A Chance … Continue reading

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An Interesting Conversation About Store-Branded Credit Card Applications

Today, I went shopping for Mother’s Day gifts. As I was checking out at one particular store, the woman behind the cash register asked me if I wanted to apply for a credit card and receive a 10% discount. As … Continue reading

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