It’s interesting how time and a little perspective can teach us things. When I started this site, I had just one goal – I wanted to get out of debt. With that singular goal, managing my finances became pretty simple.  Not easy, but simple. An emergency fund was funded. A debt reduction plan was created. Payments and extra-payments were made. Debt was reduced – and eventually – I was debt free. Now, nearly five years later, I’ve learned a lot about myself – How I relate to money Why I make the decisions that I make What my strengths are – and my weaknesses I’ve learned to relax and enjoy the progress that I’m making. I’ve also learned that credit…

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Lawn Mower Maintenance

After two weeks of very cold weather (for us), the temperatures have returned to “normal”.  It’s in the mid-50’s and perfect weather for doing a little yard work. Back in April, I purchased a lawn mower.  I really, really like my lawn mower, and since it has mulching blades, I use it to mulch pine straw and leaves in the yard.  Unfortunately, when I opened my shed this morning, the left-rear tire of the lawn mower was flat. I pumped the tire back up and pored some soapy water on it.  Noting the area where the soapy water “bubbled-up”, I located a small nail that was causing the tire to leak.  I removed the nail with a pair of pliers…

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Reader Feedback Request – Alternative To New Couches

I have a few questions for you guys, my awesome readers.  First, a little information. My wife and I have a couple of couches.  Structurally, they’re both in great shape.  However, one of them has some damaged fabric on its arms, and the other has been faded by the sunshine.  We’d love to keep the couches – they’re both very comfortable – so there’s no real (non-cosmetic) reason to get rid of them.  At this point, we’re thinking about buying some slipcovers for the couches.  (We don’t sew, so we’ll have to purchase the slipcovers.) Now, the questions. 1.  Have you ever used a slipcover to improve the look of an old couch or loveseat? 2.  If so, how did…

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