It’s interesting how time and a little perspective can teach us things.

When I started this site, I had just one goal – I wanted to get out of debt.

With that singular goal, managing my finances became pretty simple.  Not easy, but simple.

An emergency fund was funded.

A debt reduction plan was created.

Payments and extra-payments were made.

Debt was reduced – and eventually – I was debt free.

Now, nearly five years later, I’ve learned a lot about myself –

How I relate to money

Why I make the decisions that I make

What my strengths are – and my weaknesses

I’ve learned to relax and enjoy the progress that I’m making.

I’ve also learned that credit wasn’t my problem – ignorance was.  I just didn’t know, and had never taken the time to learn about, how to manage my finances.

I’ve also learned the value of owning lessSpace is precious – and too much stuff just fills up my space.

I’ve learned that generosity is its very own reward.  It truly is better to give than to receive.

I’ve also learned that there is no end to the complexities of money management.  Just when I think I have the perfect plan – I learn of some new type of investment, some new rule in the tax law, or some new insurance need.  I am so thankful for my fellow bloggers, friends who keep me up-to-date with the very latest from the world of personal finance.

I’ve learned that one-size-fits-all solutions are actually one-size-fits-no-one.  My task, as the manager of Me Inc., is to create a solution that fits me – that works for me – and that will provide the best plan for my financial life.

Finally, I’ve learned that there are times, those important seasons in my life, when I will make big, huge, life altering financial decisions – and I need to dedicate myself to being prepared for those times.  Looking back over the past five years, I am greatly encouraged, and excited about the prospects for the future.