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How To Save Money On Groceries

I’ll admit it.  I actually enjoy shopping for groceries.  I usually shop on Tuesdays and I try to go to the store when there are fewer customers shopping.  Over the years, I’ve learned how to save money (and a little time) while shopping for groceries.  Here’s what works for me – 1.  Use a grocery store price book to track the prices of regularly purchased items.  (I’ve created a free printable version of the price book that I use.  Feel free to click the link and print out a copy for yourself.) The price book will help you figure out the rock-bottom prices from your favorite store or stores. The price book will help you know when to stock up…

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The More Things Change, The More They Change

A little back-story for those new to No Credit Needed – Back in April of 2005, my wife and I decided to get serious and do something about our debt reduction.  As part of our plan, I created this website to track our progess.  After ten months of planning, working hard, sacrificing, dealing with setbacks, and learning from our mistakes, we were able to celebrate – we were debt free!  Less than a year later, we managed to fully-fund our emergency fund and for the past two years, we have managed to fund our retirement accounts and education savings accounts for our three kids.  Presently, we continue to fund our retirement accounts while saving for a future home purchase and…

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Midnight Meanderings – Back To The Basics

Site Redesign – I’ve tweaked the look of No Credit Needed.  I hope you like the larger text and less-cluttered layout. From No Credit Needed – The first four articles in the Back to the Basics series – How To Eliminate Credit Card Debt How To Maximize Or Minimize Interest How To Stay On Track How To Stay Out Of Debt From No. Calories Needed – The latest articles from my weight loss blog – Not Feeling Hungry Throwing Away The Scale From the NCN Network – Check the site for updated charts – Time4planB DebtFree4ever ChrystaGoingBroke AllPennies From around the web – My Life Roi presents Budgeting Tips – Back To The Basics Cash Money Life presents How To…

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