Frugal 51 Weeks A Year

I’m on vacation with my wife and our kids.  The weather is glorious – 85 degrees, sunny, slight breeze.  The beach is beautiful and the kids are really enjoying the pool.

When I’m on vacation, I’m ON vacation.  I try not to check my email or worry about work.  Instead, I focus on hanging out with the kids and enjoying the week off.  The past few months – years really – I have been very, very busy.  (You have probably noticed a drop off in the number of articles here on the blog.)  The truth is, I need this vacation.  The rest of this summer is jam-packed with work, much of it stress-inducing, so this week is a time to relax, unwind, and recharge for the months to come.

This is the only week of the year where I ignore the frugal part of my brain.  Throughout the year, we budget for our vacation, but when we are on vacation, we just enjoy ourselves.  I don’t pinch pennies and I don’t worry (too much) about the high cost of vacation fun.  Instead, I try to just go with the flow.  Put another way – I’m frugal 51 weeks a year so that I can be free not to be frugal 1 week a year.

I hope you all are having a great week.  I’ll check in soon, and let you guys know how the vacation is going.