Do Not Wait Until January 1st To Make Your Financial Resolutions

As I mentioned in a related post, over at No. Calories Needed, about weight loss and resolutions, Thanksgiving will be here in 21 days – and Christmas is just 49 days away.  2008 has just flown by, and 2009 will be here very soon.

Let me urge you – Please don’t wait until January 1st to get your financial house in order.  You do not need, especially in these strange economic times, to rack up a mountain of credit card debt, just to buy gifts!  Please, don’t limp through Christmas, without a budget, promising yourself that you’ll “fix it all come January.”  Instead, make your resolution today!

November is less than a week old.  You still have time to create a budget for this month.  List your income, list your expenses, and see where you are.  Take your time and be realistic.  I’ve written several articles about budgeting, including -

If you have credit card debt, don’t add to it during December!  Instead, consider a No Credit Christmas and check out my ideas for inexpensive, awesome Christmas presents.  I know that you want to give nice gifts to your friends and family members, but if you can’t afford them, you just can’t afford them.  Do not go into debt in order to “keep up”.  Remember, we are working to change our futures, and this means that, from time to time, we must make sacrifices.  Plus, imagine how much better January will be if you don’t have to pay for December (or November, September, August…)

Today is your day.  You are in charge of you – and your destiny.  Don’t wait one more second to take care of yourself, and your family.  That’s what focusing on my weight loss and health is teaching me.  At first, I felt selfish about going to the gym and missing some time with my wife and kids.  Now, however, I realize that I HAVE to focus, on me, for a while, so that, in the long run, I can be a BETTER father and husband.  The same holds true when it comes to financial management.  Unless you take the time to focus on YOUR situation, you’ll never be able to focus, completely, on helping others.


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2 thoughts on “Do Not Wait Until January 1st To Make Your Financial Resolutions
  1. Amber C

    I started a blog a few weeks ago hoping to have it up and ready to go by Jan 1. That itself has motivated me to really start planning on working on debt now. Starting now gives me an extra 2 months to work.