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Up, Up, And Away – Check Your Credit Card Statement!

Have you received a letter from your credit card company?  (It might be bundled in the same envelope as your statement, or it might be delivered separately.)  If so, be sure to read it.  Why?  Because, several credit card companies … Continue reading

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The Financial Sky Is / Is Not Falling

According to ShopperTrak – the world’s foremost provider of shopper traffic counting information, technology and decision support software for businesses in the retail, gaming, hospitality and entertainment industries – Black Friday sales were up 3 percent this year over 2007. … Continue reading

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Top 10 Ways To Save Money – Number 2 – Live On A Budget

Let’s take ten minutes and create your new budget for December. Write down your expected monthly income.  (Use your take-home pay.) Write down your expected monthly expenses. Include everything – gasoline, groceries, rent, mortgage, insurance, food, clothing, gifts, miscellaneous, cell … Continue reading

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Skipping The Long Lines And Shopping Online

I have decided to do the majority of my Christmas shopping online this year.  In fact, even though I like bargains, I am going to forgoe going to any stores on Black Friday.  I might, however, take a peak or … Continue reading

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