How Much Gasoline We Used On Our Vacation

With all of the talk about high gasoline prices, I thought that it might be interesting to track how much gasoline we used while on vacation. Distance Estimate (according to Google Maps): 287 miles Actual distance going to the Condo: 283.9 miles Actual distance returning from the Condo: 277.10 miles On the way, we traveled mostly on Interstates. On the way back, we used a couple of side-road, so there is a slight difference in actual mileages. Speed Estimated travel speeds (prior to trip): 60-80 mph Actual average speed going to the Condo: 69.9 mph Actual average returning from the Condo: 68.4 mph Travel Time Estimated travel time (prior to trip): 287 miles / 70 mph = 4 hours and…

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Home From Vacation With A New Episode Of The NCN Podcast

We are home from a wonderful week of vacation.  We stayed in Palm Coast, Florida.  The weather was amazing, our condominium exceeded our expectations, and the kids had a blast.  As for me, I feel like a new man.  But, I did miss two things – blogging and podcasting! I hope you’ll take the time to check out my podcast – over at No Credit Needed Podcast.  I’ve just recorded and released a new episode: No Credit Needed Podcast Episode 7 Of 2008.  In the episode, I talk a little about a new, secret-for-now project that I’m working on.  I want to thank so many of you for listening to the podcast and subscribing the the podcast feed.  As of…

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Rejuvenated And Ready To Rock: 10 Steps For Getting Back On Track

After taking a couple of days to relax and and enjoying some time with the family, I’m rested, rejuvenated, and ready to rock. They’ll be no more talk of ‘losing focus‘. Instead, I’m ready to move forward with renewed desire. Step One: I had a long conversation with my wife – about our finances and my lack of focus. I also asked for her help with my weight loss issues, and she agreed to be supportive and help me when I’m tempted to ‘eat for the sake of eating’. My wife is awesome. Step Two: I updated my No Credit Needed Network Chart. In the past, I’ve included every single dime that I had in my checking accounts, saving accounts,…

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