Why I Started My Debt Reduction Blog

I received an interesting email today. “Julie” asks –

Hey, NCN, why did you start blogging about debt reduction in the first place? And, now that you are debt free, do you get tired of writing about debt reduction?

Well, “Julie”, I started No Credit Needed because I was looking for a way to connect with like-minded people. In fact, when I started the blog, I didn’t really know that there were other “personal finance” blogs. I just thought that it would be cool to share my journey with the world – and I hoped that I might be able to find folks who liked to talk about debt reduction. I considered No Credit Needed to be a kind of ‘online journal’ – a place for me to share my thoughts and ideas.

In April, I’ll celebrate my third year of blogging. I must admit, I’m amazed by the number of people who visit my site, leave comments, and share their own stories. I am, quite literally, just a regular dude. I have a great wife, two awesome kids, a job I love, and friends that I enjoy – and yet, every week, thousands of folks stop by to read what I’ve written.

Do I ever get tired of writing about debt reduction? No way! Sure, my goals have expanded beyond debt reduction, but I still enjoy writing about debt reduction and debt repayment.

Now that I’m debt free, my goals have evolved. Personally, I want to learn more and more about personal finance, and I want to provide for my wife, my kids, and our futures. As far as the blogging goes, I hope to continue to connect with my readers, inspire them (a little) and be inspired by them (a lot).

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5 thoughts on “Why I Started My Debt Reduction Blog
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    So now you are free from all debts. Good achievement. My best wishes for your future ventures.

    I wish you and your family a Happy Marry Christmas.

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