Show Some Love: Vote For Me Over At FMF!!!

Free Money Finance is running a “March Madness”-style competition, pitting various personal finance articles against one another in a fight to the finish. I’ve entered four of my best posts. You can find out more about the contest by clicking the following links:

Details about the contest itself including a list of all of the posts in spreadsheet format.

Round 1 Match-ups:

Posts 1-16. I do not have a post in this group of games. Go and vote for your favorite blog posts! FMF will be giving away prizes.

Posts 17-32. I have a post in this group of games! In game number 10, my post entitled Make Multiple Payments Per Month is listed. Please, take a second and vote for this post! Simply leave a comment at FMF and vote for my post. You’ll be entered into a contest for a prize!

I’ll update this post as FMF continues the March Madness Contest.


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