Freezing Some Corn

One of our friends from church brought us 50 ears of corn this morning. I have been freezing it for use during the coming months. If you’ve never had home-frozen corn in the middle of October, you’ve never lived. For detailed instructions on how to freeze your own corn, check here.

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Debt Story

Getting Something Off My Chest

I recently wrote a post about not borrowing money, and I received some comments about it, and quite a few emails. If you want to read that post, feel free to click here and them come back and finish reading this one. Back? Good. I just wanted to point something out. The name of this blog is NO Credit Needed. Not Some Credit Needed, or Good Credit Needed, or Great Credit Needed. Nope. If you check the first two words, they are “No” and “Credit”. I am always floored by people who are shocked by the fact that I talk about NEVER wanting to use credit again. Listen, I am not a fool. I am not undisciplined. I am certainly…

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EBay Adventures (How I Got My Wireless Headphones For Free)

I like eBay. October 1st will mark my 7th year buying and selling using eBay auctions. While I believe that the prices eBay charges are a bit steep, you cannot argue with their business model and ease of use. So, whenever I feel that I am not saving enough money, or that one of my budget categories is going to be a bit short for the month (July = ELECTRIC BILL!!!), I will auction some things off using eBay. For the month of July, I have cleared about 200 dollars, which will more than pay my electric bill, and will actually allow me to save an additional 50 dollars or so. (I have more items up for auction, so my…

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