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Ten Things That Rock About Being Debt Free

1.  It just feels good to be debt free.  I’ve been debt free for more than than two years.  I cannot express, in words, how awesome it feels to live without payments. 2.  Every dollar that I bring home belongs to me.  I can choose to spend my money, save my money, give my money, invest my money, or waste my money.  Those choices are my choices to make. 3.  My kids will grow up in a home that is credit-related stress-free.  This should be a huge motivator for all parents.  Imagine if your kids NEVER had to hear you and your spouse argue about money. 4.  EVERY conversation that I have with my wife about money is POSITIVE, ENCOURAGING,…

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Yet Another Motivation For Keeping My Financial House In Order

Our youngest daughter is in the hospital.  She’s been there, with my wife, since Sunday morning.  She has a stomach virus and the doctors are waiting for her body to regain its strength before they dismiss her.  Hopefully, she’ll be able to coming home soon. Driving back-and-forth between the hospital, I’ve had a lot of time to think.  (I’m watching the other kids while Mommy spends the night with baby girl.)  Three years ago, we went through a similar experience with my son.  But, unlike baby girl, who is only three months old, he was fourteen months old. When our son got sick, No Credit Needed was a relatively new site, and we had just begun to pay off our…

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New Site Design And Getting Ready For School To Start

My wife is an educator, so she’ll be headed back to the classroom in a few weeks.  We have been so busy this summer – and our financial records reflect a slight lack of discipline.  We haven’t overspent, but we haven’t saved us much as I would have liked, either.  But, frankly, with all that we’ve had going on, I’m amazed that we’ve done as well as we have. Now that summer is drawing to a close, we’ll have a chance to resume our normal schedule.  I don’t know about you, but the recent spike in gasoline prices have made staying on budget more challenging than ever.  Our gasoline category keeps increasing, month after month.  And, using my grocery store…

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