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Carnival Of Debt Reduction 200

Welcome to No Credit Needed and the 200th edition of the Carnival of Debt Reduction.

Credit Scores:

Several of today’s articles deal with credit scores.

Moolanomy has instructions for getting a free credit score from Annual Credit Report.

Five Cent Nickel asks – What is a good credit score?

Green Panda Treehouse has several ideas for fixing an inaccurate credit report.

The Digerati Life answers – What does your FICO score mean?

Credit Cards:

Two of today’s articles deal with credit cards.

My Life ROI writes about ways to avoid credit card costs.

Ask Mr. Credit has suggestions for dealing with rising credit card minimums.

Personal Stories:

Five of today’s articles deal with the personal side of personal finance.

Ready to Change is following Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps.

M is for Money is determined to pay down consumer debt.

Debt Kid reminds us of the importance of the emergency fund.

Money Help for Christians is writing a series about steps towards debt reduction.

One Million and Beyond is focusing on one goal – improving personal finances.

I want to thank those who submitted relevant articles to this week’s carnival.  I’ve writtend several articles about debt reduction, including how to get stated with Debt Reduction 101 and a free Debt Reduction E-Book.  If you like the look of my site, consider subscribing to daily updates via RSS or free daily Email.  And, if you use twitter, you can follow me here.

8 thoughts on “Carnival Of Debt Reduction 200

  1. There is an interesting articles about debt published everyday, these are helpful for the public but sometimes people need face to face advice. Its only by seeing a face to face debt advisor that the route of the problems can be fully explored and resolved.

  2. I am trying my best to live without credit card debt. I do not have that much to get rid off so I should make it.

  3. The winner of the $25 gift certificate is:

    Commenter #7 (Sally)

    Sally, please contact me through the contact form on my site (just click the “mbhunter” to go there).


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