Sites That Help You Find Personal Finance Blogs And Connect With Personal Finance Bloggers

Here are a few sites that can help you (and me) keep up with the ever expanding pf-blogging community.

PFBlogs.Org – If you are looking for personal finance blogs, start with PFBlogs.Org.  As I type this, PFBlogs is tracking and aggregating over 1100 blogs.  When a personal finance blogger posts new content, PFBlogs will let you know.  I visit this site three or four times a day.

PersonalFinance.Alltop – This site lists the five most recent posts from some of the most populuar personal finance blogs.  The site does not publish summary text and it has a very minimal interface.  I visit this site once or twice a week.

The Finwikian – If you like Wikipedia, you’ll like The Finiwikian.  The Finiwikian is a wiki for all things personal finance – and it’s a great resource for finding out more about your favorite personal finance blogger.  Registered users can edit entries.  Click here to view my Finiwikian page – No Credit Needed.  I visit this site once or twice a month.

PopTopRanks -  This site organizes blogs by their subscriber numbers.  No Credit Needed usually ranks between 6 and 10 on the list.  (Want to help me move up? Consider subscribing to No Credit Needed.)  PopTopRanks also lists the most recent post from each blog.  I visit this site two or three times a month.

Personal Finance Buzz – If you dig Digg, you’ll dig PFBuzz.  Like Digg, users submit articles.  Articles are then voted up or down by the PFBuzz community.  I have just created my PFBuzz profile, and I’m looking forward to getting involved with this (relatively) new site.

Fire Finance Top 100 Personal Finance Blogs -  Fire Finance ranks personal finance blogs by web traffic.  Using input from three different sources, FF has compiled a comprehensive lists.  Currently, No Credit Needed is ranked 12th.

Financial Ramblings – Who’s been around the longest?  Who posts the most often?  Who has the most readers?  Financial Ramblings has answers to all of these questions.  This new resource is pretty amazing.

Do you have a resource that you use to keep up with the pf blogging community?  Leave a comment and let the world know about it.  Feel free to link directly to the resource, but please avoid comment spam.  Comments that link to iffy content will be deleted.

16 thoughts on “Sites That Help You Find Personal Finance Blogs And Connect With Personal Finance Bloggers

  1. Thanks for pointing out these resources, and, more importantly, how you use them. I love I try to keep up to date throughout the day on postings in the personal finance category.

  2. I use PF Buzz alot and I really enjoy it. has introduced me to many great blogs. Thanks for organizing this list.

  3. I personally am a big fan of using to find suitable blogs. I like the way that when you find one blog you like, the software recommends other similar blogs and these suggestions are usually pretty accurate.

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