Random Thoughts

All The…Small Things

I am just kinda treading water these past few days. So, here is a quick update/summary of the past few weeks, and where I am at.

Credit: Total balance down to 2990, now spread across 2 credit cards, one with 990, the other with 2000. Both at zero percent. New goal of January 13, 2006… I set the goal back 1 more month, so that I will have a little extra cash for Christmas.

Savings: As you will remember, I wanted to get my savings back up, because I had totally used up my emergency fund in an effort to reach my first goal of 10-10. I now have 500 bucks in ING and 500 in our “secondary” checking account. So, the ole 1000 dollar emergency fund has been built back up.

Money Games: I love checking out the finance forum at fatwallet.com, but some of the finance “ideas” are quite silly. BUT, I have decided to get 50 bucks for signing up for a free Bank of America checking account. I should hear in a couple of days about the status of opening my account.

Weight Loss: UMMM..Well, no “gain” and no “loss”.

Cool Idea: Check out www.howtobepoor.com for a unique “twist” on the whole pixel sale idea. (Thanks Max for placing my butt-ugly pixel design on your blog page!)

Ad Removal: Okay, I hated the big blocky Amazon ads, too. So, they are gone, for now at least.

Cooking: I have a “new” hobby. I have started cooking for our family, trying to prepare 2 or 3 days worth of food at one time. I baked some “oven-fried” chicken breasts and made a pot of yellow rice. These should last for 2 or 3 days, and are great as left-overs. Also, I made some homemade applesauce for the baby boy, and HE LOVED IT. Awesome.