Deals On Stuff They’ll Love – And Use!

It’s that time of year – time to buy gifts for our friends and family.  I love giving gifts, I love saving money, and I would prefer that the gifts that I give be practical. I’ll skip over some of the more traditional gifts – and focus on things that can be used, year-long. Here are a few of the things I’m purchasing (or have purchased) this year: Click on the individual items for up-to-date pricing!

The Zinus Memory Foam mattresss is awesome.  It is comfortable, holds its shape, and has more than 70% 5-star reviews.  We have one – and will be buying another, for our youngest. (This item is discounted, today!)

The Coleman Quad Chair is perfect for tailgaiting, camping, or just gatherings in the backyard. We have 5 of these and use them all throughout the year. They colapse and can store in the trunk of our car.

I am a fan of Anker’s products – and I really dig this Anker Compact Car Charger. It provides the ability to jump start an automobile, 2 usb charge ports for charging mobile devices, and it has a built-in flashlight. This is perfect for us – and for our teenage daughter, who is now driving.

Last year, a friend of mine started using the Game Golf system for tracking his play. I am impressed by the system, which tracks the clubs used during the round, and helps golfers track their stats. I’m hoping someone buys this for me this year!

I am working to organize my garage – and this Rad Cycle Bike Lift looks like an awesome solution for lifting our bikes up and out of the way.

We have one of the Semoo Beach Shade Tents – and we love it. I really enjoy the beach, and these shade tents make hanging out at the beach much more comfortable.

These are a few of the practical – and I think really cool – gifts that we plan to give this year. This post contains affiliate links. Have a blessed day!

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Free And Discounted Prescriptions

Over the past few months, I’ve dealt with some now-resolved health issues.  I’m doing great now, but I have a deeper appreciation for free and discounted prescription drugs.  Here’s an updated list of pharmacies, drug stores, and supermarkets that offer free or discounted prescriptions.  Information is subject to change.  Check each store website for full details!  This list is just a summary of my own personal research.

Walmart sells several medications at $4, 30-day supply and $10, 90-day supply.  Click the link and then use the drop-down menus to see if your prescription is covered.

Fred’s offers several medications at $4, 30-day supply.  Click the link and the scroll to the bottom for a link to the list of drugs that they offer.


Rite Aid has an Rx Savings Program, with discounts on various medicaions, including some prescriptions at $9.99, 30-day supply and $15.99, 90-day supply.  Click the link for more details.

Albertson’s myRxCare program charges an $11.99 annual fee, and offers several drugs at $3.99, 30-day supply and $9.99, 90-day supply.  Click the link to apply for the program and check the list of approved medications.

Publix offers a small selection of prescriptions drugs, for free.  That’s right.  Click the link for the list.  This is yet ANOTHER reason why we need Publix to open a store near us!

Winn-Dixie – as well as partner stores – Bi-Lo and Harvey’s – has it’s own perks program.  The annual fee is $5, and users will have access to a selection of medications at $4, 30-day supply and $10, 90-day supply.  Winn-Dixie also offers a small selection of free medications.  Check the link for full details.  Our local Bi-Lo doesn’t have a pharmacy, so check before you head to your local store.

Giant Eagle offers a selection of drugs at $4, 30-day supply and $10, 90-day supply.  Click the link to view the list.

Harris Teeter offers a selection of discounted generics.  Click the link for a list.  We love to visit the Harris Teeter when we are on vacation.

I’ll update this list, periodically.  Consider sharing it with your friends using the buttons below – and if you use StumbleUpon – click the banner to stumble and share.

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Day 2: More Calls More Money (Saved)

It’s Day Two of my plan to reorganize my finances and improve this website.  Today I spent some time making a few phone calls and working on organization.  Here’s what I accomplished (and what I didn’t) –

My first goal was to call our satellite television provider and discuss options for lowering our monthly bill.  My wife and I had discussed getting rid of the service altogether, but we decided to wait for one more year.  Our reasons were pretty specific:  We have slower-than-average internet speeds at home – and our kids love to watch live sports.  So, we decided, that if the provider would lower our costs, we’d renew our contract for one more year.  I know that there are options for live sports over the internet, but for now we are sticking with our current provider and our app-less television.

I made the call this morning and after a bit of discussion – reminding them of our status as long-term, on-time, customers AND mentioning the fact that their competitor is offering much of the same programming at a reduced rate – we managed to reduce our monthly cost by nearly 30%!

Like most folks, we have cellular phone service.  Two of our kids are old enough to have phones, so we have four phones in our household.  Living in a rural area, service can sometimes be spotty – and we are really happy with both our current phones and our current coverage.  I made a few calls and did some research, and I am still looking for ways to cut our monthly rate, but stay with (basically) the same service.  I didn’t accomplish much, but I didn’t waste my time, either.


As far as mundane tasks go, I’m not sure anything is more mundane than backing up files and organizing emails.  I have three computers, a tablet, and a cellphone – and each of them contain various files that needed to be backed up.  I’ve tried several solutions, but here’s what I ended up doing:

I made an offline backup of each device, using a couple of handy 1 TB Western Digital hard drives.

I made an online backup of each device, using Google Drive (one account per device) or OneDrive.

I have backups that I’ve made at various times, scattered over other drives and services.  Now, each device has a dedicated storage solution and account.  It feels oddly satisfying (and more secure) to have this done.

Finally – email.

Apparently, I love creating email addresses, using them for various websites or personal use, and then forgetting about them.  I’m embarrassed to say just how many email addresses I’ve used over the past 20 years – but today, one by one, account by account, I organized them.  I deleted spam, I made replies, I moved email to archives, I updated passwords.  Legit, I spent hours, searching through emails, organizing them, and forwarding accounts.  As it stands:

I have now established one, primary email account for personal email and one, primary email for business-related emails.  I also manage email accounts for various web properties and my job.

I organized those as well – and have bookmarked and organized all accounts, in one bookmarks folder, for easy access and updating.

Step by step, I’m working to improve my organization, save some money, and make this a better site.  The above tasks were less-than-exciting, but they pave the way for further improvement.

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