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Envelope System Video – Simple Cash Management

I created this video 7  years ago (wow!) to demonstrate my favorite cash management system – the envelope system.

I have been using the envelope system for nearly a decade and it really is a great system for managing cash and household expenses.

Watching this video always makes me smile. The quality is so cheesy-awesome – but the concept is so super-simple. My Dad says that the opening reminds him of Napoleon Dynamite!

Side note –

I’ll soon be making more videos – with improved graphics and audio! – so visit the NCNBlog channel and subscribe!

The channel will focus on money-saving ideas, tips, and strategies, as well as DIY projects, frugal living, and home maintenance. Be blessed.

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The Coolest DIY Youtube Channels

I love resources that encourage self-sufficiency – and help us save money.  I also love DIY projects – like my DIY rain barrel, the kids’ playhouse, and our compost bin made from old pallets.

Youtube is my “go to” site for DIY videos. It’s is an awesome resource for DIY information.  I have bookmarked my favorite DIY channels – the videos that help us save money, learn new skills, or just plain entertain.  Check them out:

Steve Ramsey (channel link) has several videos for the home woodworker. He keeps things simple – and uses readily available materials. Check out this inexpensive and awesome bench made from standard 2×4’s:

Do It On A Dime (channel link) will help you save money. Her channel focuses on frugal tips – like DIY jewelry cleaner – and organizing clutter – like organizing a baby’s nursery. My favorite recent video is about building a raised bed garden:

Wranglerstar (channel link) has one of the coolest Youtube channels.  He lives with his family on their homestead and has videos about everything from beekeeping to building a ram pump.  I really enjoyed his series about building a greenhouse for his family.  Here’s part 1:

Down To Earth Woodworks takes his time and goes into detail when describing his projects.  I always look forward to each of his new videos..  He goes into detail and takes his time.  Videos provide a balance of information with demonstration. Check out part 1 of building a miter saw stand:

Have a favorite DIY channel?  Leave a comment and let us know about it!  Be blessed.

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DIY Videos – Preparing To Build New Cabinets And Greenhouse

I am a big fan of DIY projects.  Over the past few months, I have built a picnic table, replaced our garbage disposal unit, and repaired our clothes dryer.  I tackled all of these projects using two sources of information – my Dad, who is an awesome handyman – and youtube.

I have a couple of projects planned for the coming months, so I thought I would share the videos I’ve bookmarked for both information and inspiration.  You can click on the links to view the individual videos or stream them from this site.

I plan to build a cabinet / desk unit for my son’s bedroom, which means I will be dealing with sheet goods.  First, I am going to build the awesome I-beam based work support system from the video below.  I love the fact that this system can be built using a single sheet of plywood and a few scraps.  This video is from the Down To Earth Woodworking youtube page.

My favorite new DIY tool is the SKIL 1830 120-Volt 2-1/4 HP Combo Base Router Set. It’s a great little router – especially for someone like me, who doesn’t need a super high-end power tool, but is looking for enough power to get the job done. Check it out, if you are looking for both a fixed-base router and plunge router, for less than $100.

I will be using both the router and a plate (biscuit) joiner to build face-frames for my son’s cabinets. I really learned a lot from the Beachside Hank youtube channel, including this video about the triangle marking system, which helps to organize stock.  I also learned a lot from Hank’s other videos, especially the ones about using the biscuit joiner.

I am also planning to build a greenhouse. When I do, this video from the Wranglerstar channel will come in handy. I love the fact that materials, both recycled and new, are used to create a functional AND attractive place to start a garden. The video below is part 1 of a series.

These are just a few of the videos that I have bookmarked. Over the coming weeks and months, as I work on various projects, I’ll share my progress – and the videos / websites which inspire. Be blessed.


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Plant A Garden

Last year, I planted a small garden.

Throughout the spring and summer, we had fresh strawberries, butter beans, and onions.

This year, I plan to expand my garden.  I will be adding a couple of raised beds – and trying my hand at growing watermelons, potatoes, and assorted beans.

My goal is to be healthy – and frugal.  Here are some tips for planting a garden, without breaking the bank.

Place your garden in a convenient location.

This is crucial.  Take in to consideration sunlight, soil conditions, and proximity to water.  If you are dragging hoses back and forth, watering the garden will become a real chore.

Buy tools at yard sales – and borrow / share with friends.

Depending on the size of your garden, you will need various tools (rakes, shovels, tillers, etc.)  You may need these tools once or twice a week – or once or twice a year.  Shop discount-bins, yard sales – and borrow / share when you can.

Use raised-beds and square-foot gardening.

I am a big fan of raised-bed gardens – and this year I’ll be using the techniques from the book Square Foot Gardening to create my own square-foot garden.  Basically, square-foot gardening allows for maximum production from a smaller space.  I built my own raised-beds out of scrap lumber.

Make and use your own compost.

I built a compost bin out of some old pallets.  The pallets were free and the compost that I made was rich and filled with good stuff for our soil.

Conserve water.

I use drip irrigation, small sprinklers, and rain water collected in my homemade rain barrel.

Start – or even grow – your plants indoors.

This is something that I will be doing this year.  Here’s a great video – with tips for growing plants indoors.  It takes a few minutes to watch, but the information is easy-to-understand and very practical.

Plant what you like to eat.

Here in the South, tomatoes are extremely easy to grow.  I don’t like tomatoes, so I don’t plant tomatoes.  Spend your time and resources growing the things that you know your family will eat.  Should I need a tomato or two for a sauce or a soup, I can trade / swap / share with others in our neighborhood.

Be prepared to store vegetables.

This is extremely important.  At harvest time – you will have more than you can eat.  We freeze a lot of vegetables – and we are thinking about canning some for next year.  Here’s a video explaining the process – complete with awesome accent!

Save your seeds.

I am relatively new to gardening, but the sites I have visited and the books I have read always suggest saving seeds from the healthiest vegetables that you harvest.  This sets you up for the next planting season.  When I do not have seeds from a previous growing season, I will purchase them from our local hardware store, online, or even on eBay.

Talk to experienced gardeners.

This may be the most important tip.  Find a neighbor or friend who loves to grow things – and strike up a conversation.  Most folks who love gardening also love to talk about gardening.  Learn from the mistakes and successes of others.

Planting a garden can be fun – and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

If you have tips or techniques to share, please do so in the comments section.  Be blessed.

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