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DIY Digest – Some Of My Favorite DIY Youtube Channels

Welcome to the DIY Digest – featuring DIY tips, techniques and resources.

I love DIY projects – and these 6 DIY Youtube Channels inspire me to tackle projects around the house and in the shop. I have included a link to each channel page – and an example video from each channel. Check them out –


The Jay Bates’ channel features both furniture builds and shop projects.  Here’s a recent video where he built an elegant cabinet. Jay’s Twitter and Jay’s Website.


The SSL Family Dad Channel filled with DIY projects – with great ideas for backyard gardeners and beginning homesteaders. Here’s a cool project where SSL uses inexpensive plywood to create an awesome looking floor. SSL Family Dad’s Twitter and SSL Family Dad’s Website.


The April Wilkerson’s Channel has awesome content – focusing on shop builds and builds for the home. Check out this video where April builds a french cleat system for her power tools. April’s Facebook and April’s Website.


Jon Peter’s has a very interesting channel. He mixes art, woodworking, and great camera work – and produces amazing content. Check out this recent limited-tools build. Jon’s Facebook and Jon’s Website.


The Midwest Man Mountain Channel not only features the coolest name on Youtube – it also has some of the best DIY content. Check out this post about building drawer dividers for your kitchen. MMM’s Twitter and MMM’s Website.


The Blazing Nail Gun – Redneck DIY Channel has high quality videos filled with great details.  I really like this mantle/floating shelf idea. Redneck DIY’s Twitter and Redneck DIY’s Website.

These channels – and so many more from the maker community – inspire me to get out in the shop and try new projects.  I hope you enjoy the videos – and subscribe to No Credit Needed via daily email or rss – and follow me via Twitter and Facebook – for more content.  Blessings.

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DIY Distressed Wood Mantel – Get The Rustic Look For Less

I am a huge fan of DIY projects – especially DIY projects that save me money.  Brian from the The Wildman Project youtube channel created this awesome DIY Distressed Wood Mantel and it looks great.

He was able to create the look of distressed wood, with just a few tools and some lumber from a big-box store.  Awesome.

If you are interested in tackling a similar project, I have included links and a materials list below the video.

Brian uses a belt sander in the video.  I don’t have one of those – so I used a random orbital sander.  I simply held it at a slight angle to the surface of the wood, to create the dips that you see in the video.  If you have the patience – sandpaper wrapped around a piece of scrap wood would work just fine.

You can pick up the boards for this project at your local big-box store.  The top and front are glued together with simple butt joints and the corners are mitered.  There are no nails or screws used – so they won’t get in the way of sanding.

Here’s a list of other items you might need to complete this project – including wood glue, stain, a sander, and a file.

This distressing process would work for creating a variety of DIY projects.  

I recently used this technique to build a simple picture frame.  It turned out great and I’m thinking about using this technique to add some character to a head board I’m building for our bedroom.  Also, this might be a great technique for building one of those very popular rustic kitchen tables.

You can view more of Brian’s work over at his website – The Wildman Project and the Wildman Project Etsy Shop.

If you are new to DIY and woodworking – I recently shared my list of inexpensive, budget friendly tools.

Check out my new DIY projects board over at pintrest.  Blessings.


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Envelope System Video – Simple Cash Management

I created this video 7  years ago (wow!) to demonstrate my favorite cash management system – the envelope system.

I have been using the envelope system for nearly a decade and it really is a great system for managing cash and household expenses.

Watching this video always makes me smile. The quality is so cheesy-awesome – but the concept is so super-simple. My Dad says that the opening reminds him of Napoleon Dynamite!

Side note –

I’ll soon be making more videos – with improved graphics and audio! – so visit the NCNBlog channel and subscribe!

The channel will focus on money-saving ideas, tips, and strategies, as well as DIY projects, frugal living, and home maintenance. Be blessed.

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