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Keeping A Close Eye On Those Medical Bills

I recently had to have a kidney stone removed.  The hospital estimated the cost of the procedure, and offered me a 20% discount – if I paid my portion on the day of the procedure.  I paid the estimated amount and had the procedure. Today, I received the actual explanation of benefits from my insurance company.  I am happy to report that my portion of the cost of the procedure is several hundred dollars less than the amount I paid to the hospital.  When estimating my portion, the hospital included my full deductible, unaware that, due to several doctors’ visits prior to the procedure, I had already met most of my deductible. I called the hospital and spoke to the…

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The Savings Sweep – Today’s Quick Tip

Today’s Quick Tip – The Savings Sweep At the end of each pay cycle, right before I receive a paycheck, I’ll do a savings sweep.  I take a peak at my monthly budget, notice any categories where I might have “left over” money, and sweep that money from my checking account into my savings account. Benefits of Today’s Tip – Savings account pays higher interest rate than does checking account. Money in savings account is harder to spend than money in checking account. This gives me one more chance to analyze and tweak my budget. I am motivated to live under-budget, so that my sweep amount can be maximized! Bonus Tip – If you are in debt, consider a payment…

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Dealing With Trial Periods

Let’s face it, we live busy lives.  I’m pretty sure that most companies are aware of this.  I’m also pretty sure that that’s why many companies entice customers with trial periods.  Think about it.  How many times have you signed up for a service because it was free for 3 months, with the real intention of canceling said service at the end of the trial period, only to forget to call and actually cancel the service? Having figured out that many customers will forget to call and cancel, companies can afford these trial periods, banking on the busyness of the average consumer. Personally, I’m very busy.  So, when I’m offered a trial period, especially one that requires a phone call…

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