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Simple Ways To Save Money While On Vacation

My family and I just recently returned from a week at the beach.  We had an awesome time – and we even figured out some simple ways to save money while on vacation. Check online for attraction discounts, coupons, and codes.  Our three kids like putt-putt and the water-park.  A simple online search, and I found coupons for both attractions.  We saved 50% on the putt-putt – and 60% at the water-park! Side note – By visiting the water-park’s website, we were able to better plan our visit.  We avoided a particularly busy day at the park – and the kids were able to ride the slides without waiting in super-long lines. Take beach toys with you – or improvise! …

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Printable Grocery Price Book

We use a grocery price book to monitor the fluctuating prices of groceries at our local supermarkets.  When specific items go down in price, we purchase those items in quantity.  The grocery price book helps us know when to purchase – and when to wait. I have created a printable grocery price book for my readers.  It’s the same, simple-to-use price book that we have been using for years to save money on groceries. Click to download and print the free printable grocery price book. The grocery price book is very simple-to-use. When printed out, the price book is designed to fold in half – to create a “book”. Print a copy on both sides of a sheet of paper…

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Save Money And Consume Less In The Kitchen

I love coupons, and routinely use them to save money on groceries.  However, I think that it is also important to focus on, shall we say, post-purchase frugality. Start with smaller portions – We are a family of five, with three children.  Often, our kids will put more on their plates than they can actually eat.  Start them off with a smaller portion and then allow for seconds.  This also works for me in my efforts to lose weight.  We will often find that we can cook once, eat, and have plenty for another meal. Use paper towels sparingly – Instead of using paper towels for every kitchen clean up, we have a small stack of cloth dish towels.  After…

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