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Getting Ready For 2010

As preparation for 2010, I’ve spent some time updating automated contributions to various retirement, education, and cash savings accounts.  Here’s the breakdown – My Retirement Accounts – 403(b) – Monthly amount = $1375 A percentage of pre-tax income is deducted … Continue reading

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Only Six Months Left To Make Year 2009 Contributions To Roth IRA Or Traditional IRA

My wife and I both have contributions to the retirement plans offered by our employers deducted from our paychecks.  In addition to those pre-tax retirement contributions, we also make monthly contributions to our Roth IRAs. For me, the annual contribution … Continue reading

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Current Retirement Asset Class Allocation

Here’s a look at our current retirement investment portfolio.  These numbers are current as of today.  This breakdown does not include my wife’s pension plan, nor does it include money invested for college education savings.  We use four accounts to … Continue reading

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Roth IRA Deposit Gone Awry

I have just gotten off of the phone after the better part of an hour.   I can’t be sure, but I think I’ve fixed a problem, that until today, I never knew existed. The background – I have a … Continue reading

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